Surgical Foam Wedges


Surgical Foam Wedges

At Howard’s Foam and Fabrics we offer a selection of therapy wedges and rolls for a variety of therapeutic, surgical and stabilizing needs directly suited for the individual user. These durable foam wedges are made in the USA and are designed for post-operative and post-trauma problems following surgery or injury. They help reduce swelling, pressure and muscle tension by elevating various parts of the body in a pain relieving position. When keeping the part of the body that has been injured, and elevating above the heart, you can help minimize throbbing and swelling, while relaxing the muscles and decreasing strain and tension.  We carry exceptional quality wedges made from 100% high-quality memory foam, duro-med foam and more, depending on the user’s therapeutic needs. Leg elevating foam pillows are layered with NASA-utilized, self-molding foam which contours and cradles the body for ultimate comfort. It is highly recommended for increasing blood circulation and providing relief from leg cramping, lower back pain, and muscle spasms. These therapeutic wedges are also great for physical therapy benefits, re-educating muscles and stabilizing the body. Constructed of dense, fire-retardant foam, these support pillows last a while, effectively preventing flattening while sustaining elevation!

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